Would you like to add your Burmese/Burmilla/Tonkanese/Bombay/Asian stud to this list, please send an email with all information and a picture to the webmaster:

The boys must have been to a show and been graded with Excellent, also they must have sired one litter of healthy kittens to be allowed on the stud list.

Future studs, who haven't sired a litter yet, can be put on the future stud list if they have been graded Excellent on a show.

Also a yearly bloodtest on FeLV and FIV is required.

A test for gm2, head defect and hypokaelemie is highly recommended.


If your stud has been neutered, please inform the NBC as soon as possible.

If your future stud has sired his first litter of healthy kittens, please inform the NBC as soon as possible, your boy will be put on the studs list and removed from the future stud list.

This way we can keep this list as up to date as possible.






Bunja van de Angstelburght

Born : July 27th, 2015

through parents/grandparents negative for gm2 and hypokaelemia


Father : Che Cayas Dreamcatcher (Brown) out of

Bonnea's Indigo (Blue) x Corin's Amorosa Toy (Brown)

Mother : Bloosje van de Angstelburght (Choc. tortie) out of

Komihag's Hajk (Cream) x Stjärnviks Moonlight Mandy (Brown)



D. de Kok-Embregts

Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

phone: 0031 - 13 - 5051988





Krasnoyarsk Cornelian Bloom

blue and chocolate carrier


Born :  September 9th,2015

tested negative for Gm2, hypokaelemia and headdefect



Father : Wasyli Cornelian Bloom (Brown) out of

Audin Ardass*UA (Brown) and Ulla Magic Valley*RU (Lilac tortie)

Mother : Lethe Europa Cornelian Bloom (Chocolate) out of

Anart Xenon (Chocolate) and Zaffiro Umika (Chocolate)


Owner :

Renate Kuijs

Alkmaar, The Netherlands

tel: 0031 - 6 - 55 34 29 34

email :








O'Malley von Rackersville

Born : Oktober 17th, 2016

Parents tested negative for gm2

hypokaelemia and head defect.

Father : Ch. Kashmir Burma King (brown) out of

Elwood Vanilia (choc) and Davena Kocia Elagancja (brown)

Mother : GIC Indira von Rackersville (chocolate) out of

Shu-Shun Night Fever (brown) and Djeany von Rackersville (lilac tortie)


Owner :

Joan van Walsum

Amersfoort (NL)

phone : 0031 - 6 -28 486 786

email :







Sabi van Cromwijck

Born: November 20th, 2008

gm2, hypokaelemia and headdefect negative test.

Sire: Dayaz van d'Ekster (cinnamon) out of

Whatmi van d'Ekster (lilac) x Afra II van d'Ekster (bombay black)

Dame: Dora van Cromwijck (cinnamon) out of

Alawa van Vyomesh (choc.) x Sita van Cromwijck (lilac)



D. de Kok-Embregts

Hilvarenbeek (NL)

Phone: 0031-13-5051988

Remark : The 'new' colours Cinnamon and Fawn are not recognized by all Cat Clubs (Fifé doesn't allow these colours in the Burmese breed). When you are not sure if your Cat Club does allow these colours, please ask your own club, before breeding your girl to a stud in these colours!





Brown tabby Mink:


Hesse von Dachsleren (F6)

Born : May 29th, 2018


PRA-rdAc, GM2, hypokamemia (WKN4) and head defect negative test.

Father : WC Dandy Lion von Lenné (brown tabby mink) out of:

Zarro Zuidenwind von Lenné (brown tabby mink) and WC Sealia Brown von Lenné (brown mink)

Mother : Ch. Daisy von Dachsleren out of:

Shotoku Mr. Brown (brown solid) and IC Nashira's Daphne (fawn point)


Owner :

Yvette Bodaar

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Phone : 0031-6-24294249

email :





Future Studs


No young boys listed.